• Começa: 01 de Outubro de 2017

  • Termina: 08 de Outubro de 2017

  • Local: Porto

  • Tipo: Congresso

From Sunday the 1st of October until Sunday the 8th of October 2017, the ACCESS'17 will be hosted by LC Porto, in Portugal.

Besides the assembly of the GAR, where we will talk about official IACES topics and vote for the new General Board, we will organize a programe around our city, Porto. This includes project visits, lectures and social/cultural activities. Our aim is to let you get into the traditional portuguese spirit, specially the spirit of the people from the north.


Participation Fee

Students from Country A - 160€
Students from Country B - 140€
Students from Country C - 120€
ALUMNI - 200€

Click here to view the plan of the week.

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