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Relieve friction from saddle
How to prevent and Relieve friction from saddle

Relieve friction from saddle

A very frequent phenomenon, sometimes recurrent, sometimes unbearable, so much linked to cycling that one would think it was inevitable. Think again! It is not because cycling-related pain is frequent that it is unchangeable. You can read the following article on flat saddle for road cycling to help you choose the proper saddle for your road bike and benefit of a perineal sparing bicycle.

No, you shouldn’t have numb testicles/lips/butts on your bike. No, you shouldn’t have vaginal bleeding after a ride or pain during sex. No, we shouldn’t have a change in continence due to an increase in training volume. We can’t say it enough: discomfort is not a necessary sacrifice for performance. You can discover here the best ointment for saddle sores such as preparation h for saddle sores.

what is a perineal sparing bicycle

A perineal sparing bicycle shall protect your perineum as much as possible with the following potential upgrades (not only bicycle related):

  • 5D padded gel cycling shorts
  • saddle sore ointment
  • suspension seat post
  • noseless saddle

Treat friction from perineal area

If the choice of equipment is important, it is also useful to adopt a balm to apply to sensitive areas that tend to get irritated. Aquaphor Balm is designed to protect your skin from irritation caused by friction between your equipment and the epidermis and is also available in a small format that is practical to carry with you on your bike trips.

There are a multitude of areas affected by skin irritations in the cyclist. Tight-legged pedaling, a technique known to optimize power, sometimes causes irritation on the thighs, which tend to touch each other.

Perineal numbness from cycling treatment

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