Taipei Cycle 2022 Visit Report

Taipei Cycle 2022 Report

We will be attending this week the TaipeiCycle 2022 Show in Taiwan as it is a major exhibition for the cycling industry. Little known to the layman’s cyclist: Taiwan has been for years the heart of the cycling manufacturing industry. Taipei & Taichung are the host of a lot of OEM cycling manufacturers. They have strong cycling R&D as well as mass cycling production means in Taiwan and China.

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So it will be very interesting to meet the decision makers of the cycling industry whether they are little to world-wide famous brands or if they are discrete (only to cycling industry buyers) cycling OEM manufacturers.

We will see a lot of cycling brands from mountain bikes to electrical assisted cycles, the expo promise to be huge inspite of the Covid situation. As a matter of fact, Taiwan still has some incoming quarantine procedures (lasting about 10 days now) that might hinder international visitors to attend the show.

Taipei Cycle 2022 has made available a virtual exhibition platform for those visitors who cannot attend this year:

See you soon to learn more about our meeting with OEM Cycling Manufacturers and listening to their interviews.

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