Top9 Oakley polarized lenses (our selection)

Here is our Top9 selection of Oakley Polarized lenses:

  1. Oakley Men’s Oo9102 Holbrook Polarized Square Sunglasses

Sold on the Oakley store, this model achieves a whooping 1,800 customer feed-back. Needless to say that the Holbrook Polarized Square Sunglasses are a top seller. You may find it at a discounted price, depending on the time you are connected.

Wearing them will make you feel sporty and cool. Oakley offers a variety of models frames you can choose from, various colors that will satify the most demanding customer.


Ideal for managers and executives who need to look smart and drive a lot for their job.

Customer image

2. Oakley Gascan Polarized Sunglasses

Altought it has a lesser number of reviews, this model is a classic for sport enthousiasts. Countless mountain hickers, surfers, trekkers own this great model. One of its advantage relies in the fact that its side branches are larger, thus providing a better protection to the eyes in case of side ray lights.

So popular, people tend to wear them on their head all the time even if there is no requirement to protect the eyes from a diminishing luminosity

This model comes with a small maintenance kit

3. Oakley Men’s OO9154 Half Jacket 2.0 XL Sunglasses, Polished Black/Black Iridium Polarized

This model has also a lot of positive feedback. It is also very popular in the cycling world through its small weight and polarized lenses helping having a way better vision on the road thus improving the cyclists security.

You will be able to choose from various lenses colors, but you have to hurry, as the stocks are not always replenished

4. Oakley Men’s OO9188 Flak 2.0 XL Rectangular Sunglasses, Matte Black/Prizm Deep H2O Polarized

This model is quite similar to the previous one but with a larger choice available at the time this article is drafted. The Prizm polarized lenses will provide you a great comfort. And I believed I have seen may security forces using them on the field (from Afghanistan to our neighborhood streets)

5. Oakley Men’s OO4124 Gauge 8

This model has a good success with the classy easy rider type of people. Particularly for the Harley Davidson fans who want to ride with style and avoid the bad boy reputation. The blue purple tainted glass model is especially loved in the recent months

6. Oakley Men’s OO9236 Valve Rectangular Sunglasses

The regular price of the Valve rectangular is around 196USD but at the time we are writing this article it is having a very attractive discounted price: 115USD is actually a real bargain to grab right away. So keep an eye on this promo that might not last for ever !

We think the option that almost look like camo color looks indeed great.

7. Oakley Men’s OO9271 Flak 2.0 Asian Fit Sunglasses

For people who have difficulties to find a good nose and face fitting sun glasses, this model specifically designed for Asian ethnic group might be the ultimate solution. the Flak 2.0 integrates the Prizm 24k polarized lens for your every day comfort.

This Asian fit is made in US and comes in a single model type

8. Oakley Men’s Evzero Stride Asian Fit

The Evzero Stride is the second Asian Fit of our selection that will offer a kind of futuristic look to their proud owners. You have the choice between 4 colors: yellow, grey, pin and purple. The 3 latter ones seem to be very popular as stock diminishes very fast. So go get yours while stock lasts.

9. Oakley Men’s Holbrook Square Sunglasses

Our selection ends with the Holbrook model, that offers a large choice of colored lenses. It will be a perfect fit for you if you like the larger black frames to show off on Malibu Beach at sun set – Go check the great variety of glasses tainted colors