Alleviating numb saddle: numbing cream for cycling saddle sore

best ointment for saddle sores
How to prevent saddle numbness cycling with ointment

In a vast majority of the cases cyclists have fine hair, like “down”, and these hairs tend to “turn” and penetrate under the skin. This phenomenon creates often butt injuries when you seat long hours on your bicycle in a moist cycling short. In such case, you might need some ointment: numbing cream for cycling saddle sore.

Why do you experience biking saddle sores

Some sensitive cyclists have the habit of protecting themselves locally by smiring on a good layer of Mitosyl or Aloplastine before the race or training session and at night they apply Bépanthène cream through a good massage.

If the the skin rash progresses, superficial folliculitis can develop at the level of the hairs and will be treated with local antiseptics such as Biseptin solution, then apply a little aqueous eosin and let it dry for a few minutes in the air.

What is saddle sore ointment

Whether on a mountain bike or on a road bike, for competition or for leisure – cycling presents risks that can be divided into two main categories. Those resulting from falls, which can be fatal in the most serious cases, and those related to microtrauma, due to poor machine settings or unsuitable equipment.

For the cyclist, the buttocks area is often a place of complications. Pain, sensitivity problems or even cysts, boils and bedsores in the most serious cases, can occur if the bicycle saddle is poorly adjusted and/or of poor quality. Once these microtrauma appear, you need to treat them quickly and well to avoid the situation gets worse.

You might consider testing the preparation h for saddle sores as a numbing cream for cyclists. Prep H is efficient on saddle sores because it reduces swollen tissue and soothes pain. Apply it five minutes before slathering on your chamois cream and putting on your shorts. Also try a dab on sores after rides to dull discomfort.

How to prevent saddle sores

Finding the right saddle, having the right bike fit, and wearing a good seat pad can go a long way toward preventing chafing, rubbing, and other female saddle pain problems that occur when you ride. The good news is that in almost all circumstances, saddle pain (and saddle sores) can prevented. Here’s what you need to know, whether you’re a new cyclist or have been riding for years.

You deserve to be comfortable. First and foremost, it’s important to say this: cycling should not be uncomfortable. Your lower regions, especially your vulva and inner thigh, should not be numb, irritated or sore when you cycle. Many women suffer in silence simply because they don’t realize that cycling can be really comfortable (well, maybe not completely comfortable, your legs will still burn on the hills!) or they are embarrassed to bring up the subject with their coach, spouse, mechanic or even their family doctor. You deserve to feel good on your bike!

To prevent saddle numbness cycling, to advise you to implement (all?) the following steps:

  • upgrade for a noseless saddle (read our article on the best road bike saddles for prostate)
  • buy the most comfortable 5D cycling short
  • invest in a suspension seatpost if necessary
  • adjust your bike setting to your body (handle bar & saddle height)
  • try chamois ointment, medical cream or saddle sore ointment
  • maintain a proper hygiene

Best numbing cream for cycling (ointment for saddle sores)

As soon as you get back from training or cycling, a great trick to decongest nodules and inflammation of the perineum: take a cold pack or a plastic bag filled with ice cubes, cover with a thin towel, place it on the perineum, cross your legs a little, and leave in place for 4-5 minutes, then remove, then put it back on for another 4-5 minutes.

In the evening before going to bed, apply a mixture of 3 ointments in equal quantities: Homeoplasmine, Cicalfate from the Avène laboratory, Bepanthen in cream and not in ointment. Mix well, if possible, cover with a plastic film and then wear underpants or boxer shorts for the night to keep this setup in place: add to this preparation a little Voltarene gel which adds an anti-inflammatory action; if the nodule(s) leak a little: don’t use Voltarene but Fucidine cream (no ointment) to mix with this preparation. And make sure you are not allergic to any of these products before you plan to get rid of your saddle soreness with the best numbing cream for cycling soreness.

Best chamois cream for cycling

Here is a selection of additional chamois cream for cyclists you may consider to apply each time you go for a long ride. These chamois cream moisturizers will include some enriched formula with provitamins to provide deep moisturizing and long-lasting protection.
With an ultra-hydrating moisturiser that provides a mild cooling effect.

It’s also made with natural ingredients and free from parabens, SLS’s and DEA. Designed to form a protective barrier to help prevent skin damage and make saddle sores a thing of the past.

Available in different sizes, these Chamois Creams can be applied either direct to skin or to the inside of your shorts. These athlete performance luxury chamois creams are perfect for soothing the skin of cyclists, triathletes, runners and endurance competitors.

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