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today we talk about safety with the lifestyle helmet

So here we go: with the helmet urban life style you have a superb object. The present design and is made 100% in Italy. The choice of this model offers an astounding seventeen colors here is what we notice first of course on this model so it is intended as its name indicates an urban use at the technical level.

Quality and Comfort

You will have a chin strap in navy good quality leather so besides the aesthetic interest that it brings its wear also a lot of comfort the navy leather and synthetic leather is the highest quality synthetic leather 1, 4 as a property of good durability and resistance to salt and therefore to perspiration.

You will benefit of an occipital regulation system that will allow you to adapt the helmet to your head circumference and therefore improve comfort and safety.

Looking at the inside: all that is foam in coolmax so with good properties of evacuation of the perspiration. the parts are washable in machine (30 degrees) and interchangeable in case of wear the other particularity the main asset of the urban frontal helmet it is the visor.

Safety Standards

So that comes well to cover the protected face if you wear glasses no worry it is going to cover them well and rare are the times when the glasses are going to touch the visor for most of the glasses it will not be not the case important point the visor meets the EN166 standard which is a standard of resistance to shocks and also resistance and protection against uv

If you are on a very very very hot standard of very high level for the visor so it will bring you besides the aesthetics a very important safety

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