DMARC implementation in the cycling industry in Q1 2024

I made a quick review of the implementation of the guidelines for emailing pertaining DMARC / SPF / DKIM in the cycling industry. I used the list of 2024 Taipei Cycle show exhibitors and the result was chocking.

Only 21% of the exhibitors have implemented in their domain DNS the required settings, as shows the below illustration:

2024 Taipei Cycle Show DMARC implementation among exhibitors

It is not too late to do it, but it shows the lack of interest of industry players for such mandates.

What they miss to understand is the Sales and Marketing impact on their branding and the safety risks they still face. It never too late but the early adopters are the ones gaining (invisible) competitive edge over their competitors, but certainly useful.

Whatever your industry: get your DMARC settings fixed: we do it for you for USD400.

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