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Discover the Best Bicycle Oil Wipes environment friendly from Donzee Enterprise Ltd interview during Taipei Cycle 2022 Show. This multi-fonction industrial grade wipes were presented during a meeting with Amy. I learnt a lot about the best way to clean your hands and your bike while preserving the environment with Ridof Wipes.

Donzee wipes have an exclusive lemon oil formula easily loosens the connection between surface and oil. Soft non-woven wipes gently reach the gaps and surfaces to perform a thorough cleaning.

Ridof Wipes from Donzee Entreprise Ltd

While attending the TaipeiCycle Show 2022 I had the pleasure to interview Amy CHEN from Donzee Enterprise Ltd. Their brand sells internationally: Ridof Wipes, which is one, if not the Best Bicycle Oil Wipes on the market.

Donzee’s wipes do not include petrochemical solvent (often used as industrial cleaner) that can be harmful to our planet. It integrates a small amount of medical alcohol on baby bio-degradable wipes to reduce impact on nature and avoid log lasting negative waste. You can refer to the company’s website for their Toxic-free certificates from international regulatory bodies (CA Prop 65 List, REACH SVHC and SGS).

Interview with Multi-function Bicycle Oil Wipes Supplier

Donzee Enterprise Ltd’s most famous product is the large size box of 336 wipes that can be used for cleaning oil related grease. The company has an international customer based as for example oil industry in the Middle East such as oil firms in Dubai.

Donzee Enterprise Ltd’s strategy

The Covid period made it a bit difficult to organize attendance to the international shows and therefore uneasy to meet new customers, but as the situation improves, Amy’s company will be increasing its international reach towards new customers.

Donzee presents in 2022 a new lid on their box packaging to easy the access to its wipes on all size boxes. They also add a new antibacterial function in their product cleaning recipe. It is the fastest and easiest way to clean industrial and heavy duty messes like grease, tar, silicone, paint, adhesive, resin, grime and more.

Best Bicycle Oil Wipes
Bicycle Oil Wipes Best Seller Box

Amy’s typical customers are distributors and factories, that have a daily use of oil cleaning wipes as well as cycling chain oil cleaning needs. Her company is looking for new partnerships in many countries to distribute their products. Distributors who can do a 2 palettes MoQ are welcome.

Ridof Wipes Applications and Use Cases

Amy CHEN’s Best Bicycle Oil Wipes can also be used in a wide array of cases:

  • DIY home tooling wipes
  • Painting wipes
  • Car cleaning wipes
  • Roofing wipes
  • Stove cleaning wipes
  • Bicycle cleaning wipes
  • Gardening wipes
  • Plumbing wipes
  • Oilwell wipes
  • Hood cleaning wipes

Donzee Enterprise Ltd details

The group was created in 2003. They have offices in Taichung and have 10 to 15 employees as of now.
The business address is: No. 18, Ln. 301, Fengzhou Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City Taiwan​ 42945

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Donzee Enterprise Ltd’s official website is to be found at:

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