How to Continue Bike Riding with Vulvodynia

If you are reading this article on Vulvodynia Bike Riding, you probably know already what the medical condition of vulvodynia is. But just in case, we are going to remind you the basics about it before telling you how to improve your cycling condition with such a vulva pain condition.

What is a vulvodynia – female saddle soreness

Vulvodynia is pain in the vulva and sometimes partly in the vagina that persists for no apparent reason. The vulva is the female genital area, which includes the skin that surrounds the vaginal opening. Women of all ages are susceptible to develop into a long-term issue that is extremely painful to live with, but there is a lot that can be done to help alleviate the discomfort. The Vulvodynia symptoms are:

  • burning feelings and soreness
  • nerve stinging
  • painful intercourse
  • throbbing and itching

Vulvodynia & Bike Riding is incompatible

Vulvodynia makes most of the time bike riding quite impossible due the discomfort and pain provoked by the contact of the saddle on the perineal area and the vulva. The pain can happen prior to cycling and is usually increasing during the biking sessions and can outlast hours afterwards.

Despite the fact that vulvodynia can be endured for years, there are medications available to help manage the symptoms. Nevertheless, vulvodynia usually goes away on its own. Here are some suggested ways to reduce the pain and symptoms while bike riding.

Three axis of improvement can be studied to alleviate vulvodynia pain on your bicycle seat:

  • improved suspension seatpost
  • 3D bike shorts
  • morphological bike seat for vulvodynia

Best vulvodynia suspension seatposts

You should consider to upgrade your bicycle to amortize road bumps and shocks you daily encounter while riding. These tremors need to be lessen to reduce the pressure and irritation of the painful vulva area.

Many different products exist on the market and we have selected the most efficient and best suspension seatpost for vulvodynia. This model will smoothen your bumpy roads.

Best vulvodynia bike shorts

In addition to the suspension seatpost, you really have to go cycling with a 3D padded short. It will add an extra layer of smoothness and absorb additional tensions.

You have to select a model that will prevent chafing caused by long seating position. Here is according to us, one of the best bike short for vulvodynia, that will avoid female saddle soreness.

Best vulvodynia bike seat

The following strange looking bicycle seat is according to us the best bike seat for vulvodynia. Because its shape respects the human morphology and more specifically the perineal woman’s soft tissues.

Its central part is completely hollow and removes all contact between the saddle and the vulva, thus eliminating frictions and chafing.

best bike perineal saddle for numbness
Atypical noseless saddle ideal to protect the perineal area in case of vulvodynia

Pudendal nerve entrapment and vulvodynia

Sometimes, vulvodynia can be caused by an irritation of the pudendal nerve. In this case, it is called pudendal neuralgia. The diagnostic of the pudendal nerve entrapment is not easy to make and is often missed.

It is important to seek medical advice and take appointment with your specialist (urologist, uro-gynecologist, or OB/GYN specialist) who will make the proper investigation to assess if the pudendal neuralgia can be treated to get rid of the pain.

In any case, the above mentioned bicycle upgrades are still strongly recommended to alleviate the pain and to allow you to enjoy your rides pain free. Here are some additional ways to reduce the vulvodynia in your daily life

CBD oil for vulvodynia

CBD oil is a natural way to relax and reduce the uncomfortable feelings you experience with your Vulvodynia Bike Riding condition. Many studies showed that CBD oil for vulvodynia can help reduce inflammation and reduce the buildup of immune cells in spinal fluid. This may, in turn, reduce some degree of pain.

CBD has relatively mild side effects, using CBD to help ease this type of pain tends to be an acceptable alternative to other vulva pain relievers, like opioids.

Best seat cushion for vulvodynia

You should consider using a donut seat cushion at home whenever you are sitting for long hours.

This is to prevent contact and pressure between your vulva and your seat and avoid additional chafing.

This type of donut seat cushion for vulvodynia helps also relief in case of pudendal nerve entrapment, facilitate a speedy recovery in case of surgery, or in case of painful coccyx (tailbone).

This finalize our article on Vulvodynia Bike Riding solutions. We have not covered in this review the potential solutions offered by acupuncture for vulvodynia, nor the recommended pelvic floor exercises vulvodynia, but with a little bit of research, you will find easily the answers

Feel free to ask your question or leave a comment below. We’ll try to answer you quickly.

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